IBS Profile

International Bank of Somalia (IBS) is Somalia’s premier global investment and commercial bank with an entirely Shari´ah compliant portfolio of products & services.

IBS was incorporated in July 2013 and is licensed by the Central Bank of Somalia (CBS). Our Headquarter is in the capital city of Somalia Mogadishu. IBS has Full banking services providing retail, private, corporate and investment banking services. We offer an insurance division that will provide motor, property, marine and medical insurance. We have advisory center which provides consultancy and advice to businesses and investors on how best they can manage risk and realize return in their investments.

Our Vision

To be a leading and innovative international Islamic financial institution

Our Mission

  1. To build a strong franchise servicing for all customers, first in Somalia, and then beyond
  2. To build a well-balanced financial institution across retail, corporate, advisory and asset management services
  3. To provide market-leading Islamic financial services, holding Sharia’s principles at the heart of all activities
  4. To focus on product and service innovation, delivered according to international standards

IBS Products and services

Governance of IBS

IBS governance starts at the top, the board of directors gives priority to strategic planning, ensures that standards exist to promote ethical behavior throughout the organization, and seek continuous improvement in governance practices.
These strengths are fostered throughout the organization by a proactive governance culture that has consistently adopted industry-leading standards.

Risk Management

IBS have a sound risk management policies and procedure, supported by enterprise wide risk management and internal control guide. Managemening risk is a fundamental element of IBS objectives of consistent and sustainable performance over the long term. Risk Management group performs several critical activities including:Monitoring, measuring and controlling the credit, investment, market, operational, liquidity, reputation and legal risks to IBS; Managing capital and allocating resources towards activities with higher return and strategic growth; Monitoring Shari’ah Risk; Creating risk management culture through staff awareness.


IBS have well placed anti-money laundering system and related policies in place. IBS have information in website to demonstrate that all of IBS activities are guided by anti-money laundering system policies, procedure and KYC policy.

International Bank of Somalia
P. O. Box 777 Hamarweyne
Mogadishu, Somalia
Tel: +2521865999 Fax: +2525922111
www.ibsbank.so; www.ibs-bank.com

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Email - info@ibosbank.com
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