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Biography of IBS Shari’ah Board


Dr. Muhammad Al-Bashir before he joined international Bank of Somalia (IBS) as Chairman of Shar’ah Board, joined Bank Alkhair in 2005 and is currently the Group Head of Shari’ah. Dr. Al-Bashir’s responsibilities include managing the Bank’s Shari’ah affairs in terms of compliance, audit and product development through close coordination with the Bank’s Shariah Supervisory Board and the senior management team; supervising the Shari’ah affairs of Unicorn’s subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Turkey; and organizing workshops to educate the Bank’s employees on structures and Shari’ah principles of Islamic finance.

Prior to joining Bank Alkhair, Dr. Al-Bashir was the Head of Product Development and Shari’ah Compliance at the International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM). He was also a part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Laws International Islamic University Malaysia; Ibn Sina Institute of Technology (Malaysia); the Matriculation Center International Islamic University (Malaysia), the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance; the Kingdom University (Bahrain); and The Open University of Malaysia in Bahrain.

Dr. Al-Bashir is the author of Sukuk and Islamic Securitization Markets: Financial Engineering and Product Development (Brill, forthcoming); Risk Management in Islamic Finance: An Islamic Analysis of Derivatives Instruments in Commodity Markets (Brill, 2008) and Istisna (Manufacturing Contract) in Islamic Banking and Finance Law and Practice (A.S. Noordeen, 2001 & 2006). He has also contributed to a number of articles published in international journals.

Dr. Al-Bashir holds a LLB (Shari’ah) from the Islamic University of Madina and a Masters of Comparative Law (MCL) and PhD in Law from the International Islamic University Malaysia.


Grand Mufti Sheikh Mohamed Sheikh Omer Dirir is a well-known scholar and Islamic theologian, a Somali origin, he is eminent among Somalia and neighboring countries, his familiarity exceeds among Somalis who live in America and Europe as well as regions around the world. His knowledge is basically the product from Sheikhs in Masjid circles and also from his father. in the 90s the sheikh took his Masters Degree from Wifaq Al-islamiya University in Pakistan. He also visited Al Azhar University where he learnt and prepared specialized Islamic courses. Sheikh Mohamed is active in Dawa, counseling, teaching and commitment to the social welbeing.  He is among founders and judge of Islamic court in Hargeisa that handles thousands of cases each year, he is also a member in Koran tournament panel judges. His knowledge in Tafisr, figh, Muamalat Riba and Islamic financial transaction supersedes everything.


Sheikh Abdulhakim Skeikh Ali Soufi is graduated from Al Madina Islamic University, is a well-known scholar and active in D’awa activities in Qatar and abroad, he is judge in Islamic court in Doha Qatar. Abdulhakim is from a family of scholars in Islam, His Father Sheikh Ali Soufi, a well-known scholar and Islamic theologian, as well as Sheikh Abdulrashid Sheikh Ali Soufi, a well know scholar in Qiraa’at Al Quran all over the world.

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