Business Finance

At IBS we offer variety choices for our clients to cover their business needs such as financing agriculture, SMEs, livestock, real estates and many more.


Finance by Musharaka

It’s an Islamic finance in which IBS provides the required finance to its partners to conduct business where two parties share profit according to specified ratio while loss is shared according to ratio of the contribution


Equity Participation Musharaka

Under this type of finance, the partnership between IBS and the client is fixed for a long time and the bank continues to receive its equivalent dividend until the end of the contract. Neither parties can dissolve the partnership. Profits earned are mainly through capital gains by purchasing shares and selling them.


Working Capital Musharaka

Its type of finance in which IBS enters partnership with another partner for a specified period of time and continues to receive its dividend. All liquid and non-liquid assets of the business are evaluated and the profits are to be distributed on the basis of this evaluation.


Musharaka Mutanaqisah (Diminishing Musharaka)

In Diminishing Musharaka, the bank’s share is divided into units and the customer purchases units of the share one by one increasing his own share unit until he becomes the sole owner of the property.


Murabaha Financing

Murabaha is a type of transaction where the cost of acquiring the commodity or goods and profit to be added are disclosed to the client. It’s also known as cost plus mark-up.



Our diverse products and services are designed to suite your business financing needs whether it is short, medium or long term. please come and meet one of our representatives to get more information

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